Industrial Division

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Liquid fruit puree 1.5kg & 3kg

Our partner company for exotic industrial products is called Ci Potosi. We extract our exotic premium purees from our own organic fresh fruit harvest. We are based in Colombia (South America). Thanks to the latest technologies, we offer tailor-made qualities in a wide range of packaging for diverse product applications and market requirements.

Freshly-pureed raw materials offer a pure and natural taste, combined with a full-bodied mouthfeel. Gentle processing after pressing retains the very best of them. Next Ingredients and Ci Potosi offer a large range of organic and conventional fruit purees, which will match perfectly your food and beverage applications.

Next ingredients and Ci Potosi offers a variety of frozen, aseptic and HPP ready-to-use packaging choices for its NFC (Not From Concentrate) and Fruit Purees.

HPP Treated (No refrigeration needed)

Ready-to-use no thawing required
Available in 10kg bag in box with cap valve
Recommended storage conditions are above 1 cel and below 21 cel

Shelf life of 6 months before opening

Pasteurized (Frozen)
Thawing require
Available in 20kg bag in box with cap valve
Recommended storage conditions are above -15 cel and below

Aseptic Packaging
Ready-to-use no thawing required
Available in 200-220kg drums
Recommended storage conditions are above 1 cel and below 21 cel

This revolutionary product has been selected on the  top 10 finalists of the

Canadian SIAL innovation contest for 2018. It also won the prestigious

Dux contest in Quebec -Canada in 2017.

It`s 100% liquid fruit puree (Organic and/or Conventional).

It doesn’t contain any water or sugar, there are no colours or preservatives

added.  It doesn`t require any refrigeration before or after opening.

Once open, you can keep it at room temperature for the next 3 weeks.

If you want to double the shelf life, just keep it refrigerated.  It`s unique

packaging don`t allow any light to go in and it`s valve dispenser keep

the oxygen outside.     

The ingredients have been cold press treated  with High Pressure Processing

technology (HPP). The technology uses pure cold water to inactivate pathogens and increase the shelf life. 

By reducing the level of harmful pathogens as well as minimizing enzymatic activity, our fruit purees retain

the sensory qualities, texture, color and nutritional content of the fresh fruit products. 
This natural process allows to keep all reduce preservatives and other chemical additives resulting in clean labels.

Our product ingredient list is just one ingredient: The fruit; ex: Mango, Raspberry, Lime…

Product Characteristics

Product: 100% fruit puree, Cold process treated (HPP) and packed in stand up pouch with dispenser valve.
Packaging: 1.5kg and 3kg
Shelf Life: 6 months before opening
Storage: Dry and cool place. Once open 3 weeks at room temperature, after refrigerate to double shelf life.

Product Benefits
Easy transportation (no need of refrigerated truck)
Easy storage (no need of cold storage)
Easy use and handling (Open security seal and it`s ready to use).
Equivalent of the nutritionals of a fruit

Ideal for:
Juices & nectars                                  Smoothies and snack drinks
Alcoholic beverages                            Drinkable dairy products
Desserts                                              Baked goods
Confectionery                                      Marmalades/jams